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General Reference Links

Life Magazine and Google have partnered to release a searchable photo archive. I highly recommend you use this for school assignments. The archive stores about 2 million images from the 1750’s to today. Life Magazine was published from 1883 to 2006, so there are many topical and historical photos to be seen thru this new resource. They can be printed for free, just as long as they are not used to make money. Be sure to cite the origin of the image!!
This archive is another step in Google’s mission to “organize all the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” See, I told you Google would own the world someday. Please check out this link: Life.
United States Congress
111th Congress, 1st Session – House of Representatives: Link.
Quotations and Verse from Books, Poetry, and Collections
You can put the verse in the search box and this site will give you the source from which it comes. Bartleby.
World Atlas – Maps
This site gives you both political (cities) and relief (land forms) maps. Easy to use – clear maps. Atlas.
World Atlas – Maps, Plus Much More
THIS SITE HAS LATITUDE LONGITUDE (you can search for latitude longitude of cities), MONEY CONVERTERS, DATE TIME ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD, FLAGS, AND OCEANS. The Oceans of the World page gives you facts figures about the sizes of the oceans, and statistics about land vs. water amounts on the Earth. A GREAT RESOURCE. Select a country, and it will tell you its language, capital city, population, lat/long, and provide maps, and links for tons more information! Atlas 2.
CIA World Factbook
This is the updated 2003 version of the excellent factbook on the world’s countries compiled by the C.I.A. You can find country profiles with history and statistical information, plus flags, and more. Factbook.
U. S. Census Bureau
Excellent source for population, economy, housing, and geographic data for the U.S. They have a U.S. population clock and population forecasts. On the Reference Shelf page, you will find information from the VERY FIRST census in 1790 !! and all the censuses taken thereafter through 2000. Has actual photos of original censuses. Census.
U. S. Census Bureau—State Country Quick Facts
Easily found quick facts on all states and the country as a whole. Census 2.
Television Radio Archives
Need info about an old TV or radio program? Try this link and search for Lassie or Leave it to Beaver. It even gives you the original cast members names! TV Archives.
Need World Weather Information?
This site has information on over 16,000 cities worldwide. Weather.
Abraham Lincoln primary source documents
See this link: Lincoln.
Hot Topics on current issues
Everything from terrorism, plagiarism, Enron, and identity theft to human rights and gun control. Hot Topics.
Virtual Reference Shelf - Library of Congress
Here is the greatest list known to mankind compiled by the Library of Congress to virtual reference resources. If you need good online reference materials like almanacs, encyclopedias, quotations, statistics and MUCH MORE, see this link to use access their directory: VRS.