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History Resources

U.S._Government_and_Politics Card IconU.S. Government and Politics

U.S. Governmental Institutions Page The White House, The U.S. Senate, The U.S. House of Representatives, plus lots of other information related to these and similar organizations. There are also links on this page to state government resources.

U.S. Politics Page Links to elections and political parties, their campaigns, candidates and issues.

Editorial and Political Cartoon Page A powerful method of making a statement about political issues is through the political cartoon, displayed via these links.

U.S._History Card IconU.S. History

From 1492 Through 1789 Page From Columbus to the American Revolution, plus the founding documents, and the ideas, and the people that affected the rise of democratic ideas.

1789 Through 1900 Page Links to Websites about U.S. history during the entire nineteenth century.

Library of Congress Nineteenth Century Resources: primary sources from the Library of Congress & American Memory Project which shed light on people, issues and events of the U.S. in the nineteenth century.

20th Century Page Information resources of many different types on the history and culture of the United States in the 20th century. This page leads to several other pages about specific time periods of the twentieth century.

Immigration Resources Page Immigration has been a major issue since the founding of the U.S., and these links try to help understand those related issues.

American Studies Page - A general collection of links to sites relating to the study of the U.S. and its peoples.

U.S. History Day-by-Day - To support the efforts of Redwood High School to promote patriotic spirit, the library has developed this page with historic events for each day of the year.

General_History_&_Social_Studies_Resources Card IconGeneral History & Social Studies Resources

History Central: History's Home on the Internet - This Web site has many resources for both students and educators. Some of the topics covered at the site include: "World History Timelines; America's Wars; Nation-By-Nation Almanac; Election Central; 20th Century Year-By-Year; Historical Primary Source Documents; HistoryMakers™ Biographies; Mid-East Chronology; The Amistad; Aviation History; Railroad History; [and] Navy History." There are also special sections for students, teachers, and homeschoolers. Since it's a commercial site annoying pop-up ads continually appear.

Best of History Web Sites - This site provides categorized links to hundreds of "history-related web sites that have been reviewed for quality, accuracy and usefulness. Sites with engaging content and useful multimedia technologies are most likely to be included. General resources and research-oriented sites included." There are also links to information about Teaching with Technology. (LII)

Historical Text Archive - Comprehensive and eclectic directory of historical resources. Includes primary documents, related links, and electronic versions of print books, organized by geography / nations and topics. 

Eye Witness - "History through the eyes of those who lived it." Narratives and other first person sources for historical events prior to the 1940's, such as the World Wars, the Civil War, Medieval Europe, the Old West, and many others, which are all listed in the index

History Guide - A directory of over 1600 sites emphasizing Anglo-American history. A subject catalog includes resources in historiography, auxiliary sciences, and regional history (Europe, America, Asia, Africa, Australia). A source catalog includes links to organizations, encyclopedias, bibliographies, journals, and source materials. Each resource is evaluated and rated for contents, clarity, index, links, and described with a set of Dublin Core metadata. Simple search in one or all categories or advanced search in several categories. (Lower Saxony State and University Library, Gottingen, Germany) (LII) - This is a good annotated and rated directory of Internet resources for the study of history. The sections include: Prehistory, Mesopotamia, Egypt, India, China, Greece, Rome, Byzantine, Medieval, Renaissance, Exploration, Baroque, Age of Enlightenment, Revolutions, Age of Industry, and Modern. Maintained by Nancy B. Mautz, a high school history teacher. (LII) - This content-rich site features a searchable, full-text archive of around 800 articles from past issues of Primedia History Group magazines. Additionally, the site is divided into 20th century, African-American, African, ancient, American, British, European, medieval, military, and women's history with links to the pertinent articles as well as other information on the topics provided by the guides. In many cases historical photographs and other images from the various magazines are linked in the articles. (LII) - History links and information chronologically organized by historical periods, from ancient times to modern. Includes links to ancient and recent documents, and college level study units. This site will help students and instructors or anyone interested in specific historical periods or in a good general survey of world history. Some study units are only available to Georgia College and State University Students. (LII) - Extensive notes and readings for two online courses. Tradition and Memory: World Civilizations to 1500 is an exploration of the factors of the major world civilizations, including "social, political, and economic systems; environmental contexts; the creation of states; and philosophy, technology, and the arts." It continues with Culture, Conflict, and Modern World Civilizations after 1500. Included are a glossary and historical maps. On-site material is most useful since the links to off-site resources haven't been checked since 1999. (Washington State Univ.) (LII)