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Library Guidelines for Teachers


Pink Passes: Students will NEED a PINK PASS when they come to the library during class time. Post-it notes, note cards, used passes, etc. will not be accepted. Teachers can send a student at any time during the classroom period, though teachers need to make sure the student is serious about getting a book, typing a paper, or doing research. Students do not need to leave class just to turn in a book, they can do that on their own time.

 All PINK PASSES need to be filled out completely. It helps if a teacher includes their phone number in case I need to contact them. If a student wants to do research, please state WHAT the student needs to research. For example, environmental disasters, Vietnam War, etc. If under REASON all that is written is “research”, the student may be sent back. Please be as specific as you can. When the student leaves I will sign the pink pass so you will know when the student left the library. If you want to send a small group I highly recommend calling the librarian first.

If classes are using the library they get first priority for computers. If there are computers not being used, students who come with a pink pass to type a paper or use the Internet can use one of the computers.

Lunchtime: Students are encouraged to come to the library to read, check out a book, relax (quietly), work on homework, research, etc.

ID’s: It is preferred if students have their ID’s to check out books and use the computers. Teachers, please check and make sure a student has their ID before sending them to the library if they want to check out a book or use the computer. But, even if they don't have an ID, we will still check out books to all students as long as they do not have any overdue books. 

Reserving the library: Teachers are encouraged to call or drop by the library to reserve the library for your classes. First come, first served. If you are researching a particular topic and you let me know in advance I can pull books and placed them on our reserved shelf. I am also available to do orientation for any of the freshman classes.

Online catalog (OPAC): All anyone needs to do to access our online catalog is to type in "" where the website address goes, hit “Enter” and then you’ll see Grant High's Destiny homepage, click on "Catalog" and then you can search our library by keyword, subject, author or title.  Students can check out up to three books if they have a clear record and books are due in three weeks. If a student isn’t finished with their book by the due date, they can bring the book to the library and renew it for another three weeks. We do not charge fines, but if a student has an overdue book out, they cannot check out another book until the overdue book is turned in or paid for if lost.
Copy Machine: Copies on the library copy machine are 10 cents each.
Recommendations: Do you have any recommendations for books you would like to see us add to the collection? If so, let me know. The more specific the better, and a list by email would be ideal. Unfortunately we will be spending a majority of our budget on ten netbooks, so our book order will be much smaller this year.

Public Library Cards: I strongly encourage you to urge your students to get their own public library card. Here at Grant High we have about 12,000 books. If a student has a public library card they will have access to more than 9,000,000 books from within California and Nevada! It’s amazing really. With a public library card and ID # anyone can log on to the Sacramento Public Library site ( search their OPAC catalog and if a student locates a book from a distant library, they can request to have the book sent to the library nearest where they live. They will then be notified when the book arrives. It’s a fantastic deal.

Also, through the website, a student with a library card will be able to access to all the library’s online databases, an incredible resource and much more than the district can offer.