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MLA Citations, Academic Sources

MLA_style_Citation_Help Card IconMLA style Citation Help

MLA was updated in April 2009. Documents found on this webpage regarding MLA style were updated in May 2009 to highlight these changes.
Here is specific help to make citing your sources easier.
Landmark Son of Citation Machine has been updated and is the citation maker I would recommend at this time.
Landmark Son of Citation Machine
**Recommended citation maker.
 Click this link: Landmark.
KnightCite by the Hekman Library at Calvin College is easier to use, and it formats the dates for you without you having to type them in the correct format yourself. For KnightCite, see this link: KnightCite.
Citing Online Books
To cite online books (like when you use Google Book Search) follow this sample.
Give as much information as you can. For example:
Author’s name. Title of Book. Editor (if given). City: Publisher, Year. Title of Website where book was published online. Google Book Search. Web. Date looked at.
Here is a sample entry for a Google online book:
Baker, Mark. The Imagination Discussion. Ed. Michael Smith. Austin: U of Texas P, 1981. Google Book Search. Web. 3 Dec. 2007.
Website addresses, called URLs (Uniform Record Locators) are no longer required, IF the resource can be found using the information you provide in the citation. If the reader cannot find the online book using the information you provide, include the URL at the end of the citation.
Web tells the reader the source is from Google Book Search online.
Put _ (they are called carats) around the URL
MLA Style Reference Books
MLA style reference books are available in the JSerra Library. The latest version of MLA is 7th edition updated April 2009!  Be sure you are using the updated version. Here is a link to the currenet MLA handbook: MLA Book.
Academic vs. Non-Academic Sources
Here is a link to a webpage which describes how to choose an academic source: AcademicSources.
Print Sources:
Magazines vs. Journals
Online Sources:
Webpages -- Google Scholar (Link: Scholar)
Online Encyclopedias: Encyclopedia Britannica (Link: EB)
Compare Encyclopedia Britannica, Google Scholar by searching for a current hot topic:  Afghanistan.
Compare the academic search engine, Google Scholar, to a licensed database, PsychInfo. This is a video from UCLA: Comparison.
Judge for Yourself
Learning how to evaluate proper sources takes a little time and can actually be fun. Below I have further information about how to evaluate books, articles, and websites.
Assignment Calculator:
Here is a link to UCLA's Assignment Calculator. It will help you organize your research project. AssignCalc.