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Google Docs Directions


Go to
Log in with:

Password: (Given to you, or changed by you already)


  1. Setting Up Your Class Folder: (only do this once @beginning of school year)
    Click “NEW” (blue button) and then select folder
  2. Title the folder FirstNameLastIntial_Period#_Course
  3. (Ex. JohnS_P6_ELA12)
  4. Click on the folder once to highlight it and then click the button.
  5. Type in your teachers email address (
  6. Click “Advanced” and then uncheck “Notify people”
  7. Click “OK” when it says “Skip sending invitations?”
Note: You can share your class folder with your personal google account as well but we expect you to use your district account as your primary account for school. On the left side of the drive interface, you may need to expand the “My Drive” item to see your class folder.  If expanded, the small arrow to the left of “My Drive” will be pointing downward  and the folder you just created will be listed.  If not expanded, you should click the arrow expand your drive.

(only do this once @beginning of school year)


  1. Click on the name of the assignment
  2. Choose “Locker” where it says submit work.
  3. Click Google Drive
  4. Navigate to the location of your document
  5. Click the box next to the document you want to submit
  6. Click “Submit
  7. Click Dropbox to double-check your submission
Note:  You may have to connect your Google Drive to School Loop.  If so follow these directions:
  1. Go to My Locker and click the Connect to Google Drive button to start the process. If you wish to connect to Google Drive, you must "AGREE" to School Loop's User Agreement
  2. Login to your district google account if requested
  3. Accept Google's terms


Always open your class folder before creating any new documents, doing this will create your documents inside your class folder.  All items in your class folder are shared automatically with me
(if you shared your folder as directed). 
Note:  If you do not create your documents in your class folder you will have to drag them in to your shared folder before I will be able to open them.  Documents that cannot be opened for any reason do not count as having been submitted at all.
  1. Once in your folder click “NEW” and choose the document type you are creating.  Most often it is simply a “Google Docs”
  2. Name your file FirstNameLastIntial_Period#_Assignment 
    (Ex: JohnS_P6_U2S, Johns_P2_U2F1, etc.)
  3. Set up all your formatting before you start typing  (see Reid’s MLA/APA formatting Guide)
  4. Complete your assignment (Type your paper, make your slideshow, etc.)
  5. Submit your assignment to the correct assignment in School Loop before midnight on the due date.
  6. If the assignment requires it, also submit your assignment to the correct assignment before midnight on the due date.
Note: Students who do not submit to the correct assignment do not count as having been submitted at all.


Place your cursor where you want to insert a page break
Press CTRL + Enter (sends the content to the following page)
Click Backspace to remove a page break if you didn’t mean to put it there
Note:  This ensures your Works Cited page starts at the top of the last page or you document no matter where you print it/view it.


  1. Type one Works Cited entry and then select it.
  2. On the ruler, drag the ▼Left Indent (light blue inverted triangle ▼) to the right as far as you want the text to be indented. The ▃ First Line Indent marker (light blue rectangle ▃) will come along for the ride, and all your selected text will move to the right.
  3. Drag just the ▃ First Line Indent marker (light blue rectangle ▃) back to the left margin. It will move independently, and your hanging indent will be created.
  4. Type your other Works Cited entries (they will automatically be formatted correctly)


Note: There is a bug in Google Docs Headers that cause them to be inserted too high (gets cut off when you print it).  To fix it click right in front of your header. Press SHIFT + ENTER.  This will insert one line above your header. Double check the font & font size on header