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Researching a Controversial Issue

THE RESEARCH PROCESS: Researching a Controversial Issue

Often when one is asked to research a controversial issue the assignment is something like the following:
An in-depth definition and description of the issue itself with examples and/or evidence from your research.
    Example: What is abortion? Medically? Legally? Different kinds? Different stages of pregancy? Legal treatment over time? 
The social problems which cause the issue and which it affects with examples/evidence.
    Examples: Women's rights; racial considerations; birth control; etc.
Potential resolutions to the issue with actual examples and/or evidence.
    Examples: Outright ban; limit to specific times; force when the government desires; etc.
The best solution based upon your reading and research.
    This is the part of the paper where you are given the opportunity to, based on your research, to make some decisions about how the problem should be handled.

1. OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog)

    Click on "Catalog" from the library's home page or use the dedicated catalog stations. 
    Keyword (Words anyplace in the record--author, title, subject, notes) 
    Title (First words in the title) 
    Subject (Controlled vocabulary)

2. Print resources

 361-365 area of the library are where books about social problems are found. 
361 (Social problems in general); 362 (Social welfare problems: Physical mental illness); 363 (Other social problems: Public safety, Police, Public morals, Housing, Public utilities, Environmental problems, Food supply, Population); 364 (Criminology); 365 (Prisons)

172-179 area of the library are where books about ethics are found. 
172 (Political ethics); 173 (Family relationships); 174 (Occupational ethics); 175 (Recreation, leisure, communication); 176 (Sex and reproduction); 177 (Social relations); 178 (Consumption; 179 (Other, including respect for human and animal life, profanity, treatment of children)

613.8 Substance abuse; 616.8 Diseases of the nervous system and mental disorders