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Interact Club Grant High School







Last meeting of the year.

Decided to elect an Executive Board that will work together as a committee to lead the club next year rather than electing individual officers. This is because so many of our members are extremely engaged in other school activities, and it will enable us to get more done with the periodic absences of club leaders. That board will consist of Cynthia Montoya, Dafnet Rodriguez, Jaqueline Rodriguez, and Andrea Zamora.

Blood Drives for next year will be held on October 29th and February 28th.

Projects we hope to work on next year include Breast Cancer Walk, the Dr. King March, holiday-based projects, and

planting with the Sacramento Tree Foundation.

For the end of this year, we will write thank you cards for our retirees: Mrs. Office, Mrs. Lewis, Ms. Hanson.


No meeting held in lieu of serving tonight at the Open House.


Short meeting!

We signed up for volunteer positions for the Spring Open House. The jobs Ms. Davie needs us to do have changed, so we needed to reorganize. We will be serving snow cones, popcorn, and   root beer floats on West Campus as well as exchanging passport cards for meal tickets. May  need extra help -- bring a friend!


Joint Project with CSF -- Blessing Bags

CSF is making Blessing Bags (bags with hygiene items and snacks for the local homeless community), and they've asked us to join them. Specifically, they'd like us to write short notes of encouragement to include in the bags. Please come by B-12 on Monday and pick up a few cards to contribute.

Spring Open House and Recruitment Fair

Ms. Davie is asking for our help at the Spring Open House on April 26 from 5 to 8PM on the Promenade. She needs us to work the table that handles the dinner tickets and to hand out pinwheels to celebrate Child Abuse Awareness month. I need you to sign up and commit to working a shift by FRIDAY, April 20th.

Elections for 2018-2019

With so few of you routinely attending the meetings, the jobs of the elected officers are simply not getting done, so I am proposing that we go ahead and elect officers for next year early, so that they can take over for the remainder of the year. That being said, freshmen,sophomores and juniors -- please let me know ASAP if you're considering running for an office for our club next year.

PLEASE BE IN ATTENDANCE NEXT THURSDAY so that we can handle all of these responsibilities.


Discussion of officers' absences from meetings and events was brought to the table. Some members feel those roles should be reassigned to ensure the club doesn't lose effectiveness. Tabled until more members are present. May decide to elect officers for next year and have them begin their terms now.

Announcement of the passing of Ms. White. We decided to cut out memorial hearts and decorate her classroom door with messages in her memory. We also decided to hand lots of blank ones so that others could leave their own messages for her. Spent the remainder of the meeting decorating Ms. White's door.

Karla went to the tree planting at the Rob. She said it was lots of fun, and they do that monthly at different locations. She will talk more about it at our next meeting.


Reviewed our plan for Global Youth Service Day. We will each bake a dozen of something at home on 4/3 and bring it to B-12 on the morning of 4/4. Statistics on child hunger will be scattered on the tables and snacks/goodies will be set out for teachers to enjoy. Maria volunteered to make a donation jar for No Kid Hungry, and Mary volunteered to come to the meeting and ask for teachers to make a small donation to the cause as they enjoy their treats.

Juniors should consider running for positions of leadership for next year. We will need to elect new officers before school gets out.


Global Youth Service Day -- we decided to bake brownies and cookies and the like and have them available to staff at the next staff meeting, along with a donation jar for No Kid Hungry. We can make a quick announcement that these goodies are a gift to the staff from the Interact club, but that we hope that they'll consider making a donation to support ending child hunger. That meeting is on April 4th. So we'll agree to bake on April 3 and bring treats to Shep on the morning of  April 4. Discussed baking in the Geo kitchen after school on April 3.


Blood drive debrief -- We didn't meet our goals (very rainy out, lots of kids turned away because of fevers). Not a single adult donated this time. What can we do about this?

Next projects? March -- tree planting at the Robertson Center.  About 6 people are available to participate. April -- Global Youth Service Day (we need to choose a project to complete). May -- ?

3/1 -- No meeting -- Blood Drive was today!


Debrief on Random Acts of Kindness on Valentines Day. Some students seemed genuinely touched by the gesture of receiving a Valentine, while others seemed annoyed. Next year, we might instead host a Valentines party for the ILS students.

Blood Drive Updates -- Going to ELA classes to do a last drive for volunteers. Skip the cafeteria next week. We think it's more effective to have a captive audience in the ELA classes.

Sacramento Food Bank project with the NS Rotarians on Saturday. Need email addresses to register volunteers by the end of the day.

Speech Contest Update -- Zaryah, America, and Ariana took 1st, 2nd, and 3rd respectively. The speeches were really varied and interesting this year.

Discussion on service project related to school safety. Something to think about. Should Interact get involved in some way? If so, how?

Shane and Roberto are trying to win additional categories for the anti-tobacco video contest. Like and Share!


Blood Drive -- March 1 -- Visits to English classes (11/12) will take place on Feb 22. We will wear blood drive tshirts. Cheng will make sure the necessary info gets to Akbar for Pacers on Demand.  We will host a table in the cafeteria from 2/5 to 2/9 to hand out consent forms and make appointments. Shep will get decorations and things together. Cynthia, Andrew, and Andrea will make posters to hang up in the cafeteria.

Next meeting will be held in the Library to support those of us competing in this year's Rotary Speech Contest.


Minimal attendance (research papers were due) -- Meeting Cancelled.


Brainstorming for new projects: Random Acts of Kindness (Valentines for random Pacers); Easter Egg/Scavenger Hunt for teachers; March Blood Drive. We assigned chairs and will divide up duties on the next meeting.


Stanford settlement meal boxing -- several members serve alongside our fellow Rotarians and send "service selfies" to Mrs. Shepherd. Another opportunity is coming up in February (2/24) to work with them at the Sacramento Food Bank.

The Rotary Speech contest has been moved to Feb. 8, so get those registration packets submitted ASAP. 

RYLA applications are now overdue. Submit by Friday to be considered for an interview and possible selection.

Spend time brainstorming service projects for the spring semester. More discussion to follow at the next meeting.

Kindness rocks will continue on an "as needed" basis. When we see someone who could use some encouragement, we will create a rock and deliver it.


CIM -- 18 of us showed up to serve on Sunday morning! It was crazy, but we did it!

Speech Contest Sign Ups -- The speech contest will be held in our library on Feb. 22. Get a packet from Mrs. Shepherd as soon as possible so you'll have time to prepare.

RYLA APPLICATIONS -- Juniors interested in applying to RYLA, applications are due to Mrs. Shepherd before you leave for Christmas Break. Interviews will take place in January. Once you're selected you will need to complete the medical forms.

North Sac Rotary Projects:

     Dec 16 -- Box up Christmas Dinners for the needy at the Stanford Settlement. (9 signed up)

     Feb 24 -- Work at the Sacramento Food Bank (5 signed up)

Still finishing up kindness rocks. We have some left unpainted, so if you see someone who needs a dose of kindness, come paint one and deliver it.


California International Marathon is this Sunday. We are working the finish line and handing out "heat sheets" to the runners as they cross the finish line. Mrs. Shepherd loop mailed the club to provide us with the details. We are to meet at the Volunteer Tent by 7:40 at 9th and Capitol. They will give us our volunteer shirts and give us the directions for what we are supposed to do. We will work from 8 to 11:30. Be THERE!

We still have about 15 rocks that haven't been delivered. We divided up the remaining rocks and assigned them to members to deliver.


Discussed the Draw Report for the Blood Drive -- we exceeded our donation goal! And more teachers than ever before donated this time! We did have lots of open appointments after lunch, so for our spring drive, we plan to push those afternoon appointments and we plan to start taking appointments at lunch sooner. We are going to award Blue Team and Gold Team points for their participation in this drive.

We collected over 300 pairs of socks, gloves, mittens, scarves and blankets for Sock-Tober this year. The organization helping the fire victims has asked that we not send our donations there as they are overrun, so Mrs. Shepherd contacted The Volunteers of America and we are going to donate to them as we did last year. She has an appointment for next week to deliver the items to their shelter off of Richards Blvd.

We've been asked to volunteer at the California International Marathon on December 3rd. 17 people signed up to help that day. The Sacramento Runners Association is planning to make a donation to our club in return for our service. They'll let us know exactly how we can serve that day.


Working meeting: We painted rocks, went over final preparations for the Blood Drive (covering all shifts and getting final appointments set during lunch). Divided up the rocks using the staff phone log. Each Interact member took a slip with 4 or 5 teachers' names on it and took the same number of rocks. Everyone is supposed to deliver their rocks by next Thursday. We are still about 20 rocks short, so we are planning to meet on Tuesday 11/2 to finish painting those.


Our Charter Rotarians (Joann and Steve Lemmon and Lynette Anderson) came to our  meeting today to share information regarding the projects they're involved in. They brought socks to contribute to Sock-Tober. They shared information on the Rotary Speech Contest, coming up in February and had Cheng tell us about his experiences last summer at RYLA. They are planning to be on campus for the Blood DriveAlso, Pacers on Demand came to do a spot on Sock-tober.  We came up with a plan for donating our socks to support local homeless efforts (and fire related needs). We started signing up for shifts for the Blood Drive and signed up to work the table for lunch sign ups for donations.


Rock Painting! Painted over 20 Kindness Rocks. Began a plan for distributing them. Mr. Cook dropped by -- he also has an idea regarding the kindness rocks and we may work together to make a Pacer Rock Garden.

10/3 (meeting moved to Tuesday to accommodate a change in Mrs. Shepherd's schedule)

Mrs. Shepherd announced that our  Charter Rotarians will be visiting our meeting on 10/19. They are working on a project with the UCDavis Med Center to provide Halloween costumes to sick children. When they come on the 19th, they will collect any costumes we might have to donate.

Committees met and worked on our upcoming projects. Specific tasks were identified and assigned to committee members for completion. 

Mrs. Shepherd has contacted Ian at Blood Source and invited him to come to our meeting on 10/10 to update us on blood donation needs in response to the recent natural disasters and the mass shooting in Las Vegas. 

Ms. Miller has been contacted to schedule kindness rock painting days with her Creative Writing students. Rock painting will happen on 10/17, 10/18, and 10/24 in room B-12 after school.

9/26 (meeting moved to Tuesday to accommodate a change in Mrs. Shepherd's schedule)

Today each committee presented their project to the new club members, and each new member signed up for a committee.


Ice-breaker -- 5 random questions

Welcome new members!

Officers introduced themselves.

Next meeting -- Committee introductions -- Blood Drive, Kindness Rocks, Socktober, Teachers V. Students Events

Everyone Signed up for Committees


Reviewed committees and the tasks that need to be completed. Brainstormed specific tasks and assigned them to committee members.Reviewed committees and the tasks that need to be completed. Brainstormed specific tasks and assigned them to committee members.

Assigned lists of newly signed up members to current members. Each current member is to email those who signed up and invite them to the next meeting.


Signed up for times to work the club fair table.


Elected new officers -- see club page for elected officials' names

Brainstormed projects for September, October, November, and on-going

All members present signed up for a committee



Girls at a booth in a pop up tent.