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Interact Club Grant High School





I. Introductions and Purpose of Interact
II. Officers Election
  A. Job Duties
  B. Nominations
  C. Nominations to be placed in a Google Form. Votes are due no later than Wednesday 9/25.
III. Upcoming Events and Service Projects
  A. Blood Drive -- Oct 1
  1. Sign Ups for Volunteers
  2. Sign Ups for Classroom Blitz
  B. Brainstorm Service Project Ideas.


I. Introductions and Purpose: History of the club was provided, how it is connected to Rotary International, and what we hope to accomplish this year.
II. Elections
  A. Nominations:
  1. President: Abriana, Andres
  2. VP: Amari, Jovana
  3. Secretary: Andrea, Christina, Marle
  4. Social Media: Taeya, Ben
  B. Election: Mrs. Shepherd will create a Google Form and send it out to all in attendance today. The ballots are due no later than 9/25 so that results can be tallied by our next meeting on 9/26.
III. Upcoming Events
  A. Blood Drive
  1. Sign up Sheet for volunteers was passed around. Members were to sign up for all the periods they are able to work, understanding that Mrs. Shepherd will likely only assign you to one unless it is absolutely necessary to put you into two slots.
  2. Sign up Sheet for Classroom Blitz was passed around. members signed up to visit English classrooms next Friday to handout the last of the parent concent forms and to encourage students to donate on Tuesday. Mrs. Shepherd will prepare a schedule and have it ready at our next meeting.
  B. Brainstorm Service Projects
  1. Trash Clean Up
  2. Creek Week in April
  3. Serve the Animal Shelters in some capacity (toys, food, cage liners, etc.)
  4. Read to little kids (Castori)?
  5. Visit the elderly (memory care facility near Norwood?)
IV. Next meeting 9/26/19 @ 2:45 in the Library