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Interact Club Grant High School



We continued our discussion of our donation to Project Birthday. We have ordered plates, napkins, goodie bags and favors from Oriental Trading in the space theme we chose. We decided that we will create a "Land the Rocket on the Moon" game (like Pin the Tail on the Donkey). Andrew will use his artistic skills to creat the moon and 20 small rockets. We will also create a Space-themed Bingo game. Dafnet and Kenny will create digital bingo boards with images of space-related things.
Senior Sash update -- Mrs. Shepherd ordered navy blue satin stoles. They should be here next week. She's been in touch with a local woman who has an embroidery business, and she's sent her the logo to be placed on the stoles. The turn around time is 1-2 weeks, so we should have them right in time for graduation.
Fun In the Sun Day -- we still need to recruit for next year, so we are going to use a booth at Fun in the Sun Day to do that by hosting a Cooling Station. We will get ice, misters, and fans to set up under a tent and use the time when students come to cool off to talk to them about joining Interact for next year. Kenny will talk with Ms. Nuno about  whether that plan is acceptable.
Several members forgot to turn in their Pennies for Patients boxes. They will bring them to Mrs. Shepherd ASAP, and since our school's donations have already been sent in, we will donate those funds to No Kid Hungry instead.
Very small meeting -- several students missing.
Project Birthday -- shopped online at Oriental Trading to decide on a theme for our party that we're donating. Chose a space/galaxy theme. We will order the party supplies, but we still need to come up with games and activities/favors by the next meeting.
Senior Sash Update -- having trouble finding affordable embroidered stoles. Will look into purchasing them plain and finding a local business to embroider them.
Pennies for Patients --- Collected boxes and sent the money to Ms. Nuno.
No Meeting. Mrs. Shepherd had a family obligation
No Meeting. Speech Contest was attended in lieu of today's meeting.
Senior Sash Discussion -- We discussed which seniors would be eligible to receive a sash. It was decided that a minimum of 8 meetings and activities were required. Other seniors could purchase stoles if they wanted to pay for them themselves. Mrs. Shepherd will send out a loop mail and see which other seniors might want to order one.
Rotary Speech Contest -- the contest is on 3/19 at 3:10 in room D-6. This will count as our meeting for next week, so come and support the contestants.
Project Birthday -- Reviewed the website and talked about what we will need to include in our donation. It was agreed that we will select a theme and begin shopping for items at the next meeting on 4/4.
Clothespin Project -- Today we decorated clothespin for the clothespin project. We used sharpie and paint to put encouraging words and messages on the pins. Adezha already contacted Akbar and placed a well-written announcement in the Pacers on Demand to encourage others to participate and to inform students of the purpose of the pins.
Pennies for Patients -- distributed boxes and explained what the purpose of the donations is. Bring back to our first meeting in April.
Blood Drive Raffle -- drew numbers to randomly select students to win the Blood Drive raffle items.
No meeting -- Blood Drive was today, so we volunteered in lieu of a meeting.
Blood Drive -- We discussed the final preparations for the blood drive. We made sure we had every body scheduled with passes to visit ELA 11 and 12 classes and do one more push for donors. We finalize the volunteer schedule, handed out passes, and reviewed goals.
Recruitment -- We need new members for next year! Brainstormed ways to recruit. Everybody is going to try to bring someone new to the next meeting on 3/7 when we do clothespins.
Clothespin Project -- discussed what the goal of the project is and who else is participating. Adezha wrote an announcement to share on P.O.D.
No Meeting -- Random Acts of Kindness on Valentines Day. We are passing out kids' Valentines today in lieu of a meeting. Each member got a bag of 25 Valentines to help brighten someone's day today!
Blood Drive -- Sign ups for volunteering and classroom visits available today. Sign up to volunteer and help meet our goals for this blood drive.
Valentine's Day Project -- Bagged up Valentines for each member to sign, and we signed them during the meeting. Discussed what to do with them next week, and what we are hoping to achieve with this project.
Mental Health Poster Contest Posters -- We spent the rest of the meeting working on posters to support the CSF Mental Health Poster Contest.
Project Birthday -- Reviewed the website and discussed our options for supporting this organization. We can either host a party, make a financial donation, or create a "birthday party box" with all of the needed materials to host a party. We've decided to make a birthday party box. We will begin brainstorming in upcoming meetings.
Speech Contest -- The first round of the speech contest will be held on 2/26.  Please come and support our contestants. We will meet in the library at 3:00.
CSF Mental Health Awareness Poster Contest -- CSF is hosting a contest for Mental Health Awareness. Last year they had very few entries. We are going to support this effort by using our next meeting to make posters to submit to the contest.
Service to Staff -- we still want to continue to bless our staff with coffee, tea, cocoa on Fridays. We want to send treats to Ruth, Worrell, Lia, Ms. Nicolls, and Ms. Davis. We will reach out to Ms. Hall and see if she will help us by contacting them for their order and then Mrs. Shepherd will pay for their drinks when she pays for her own on Fridays.
Valentines Project -- We will once again hand out random Valentines on Feb. 14. Mrs. Shepherd will purchase the cards and we will sign them at our 2/7 meeting to get them ready to distribute.
Poetry Out Loud -- Today is the annual Poetry Out Loud Recitation Contest. We decided to hold our meeting in the auditorium and support the students who are competing today.
Rotary Water Project -- Today we voted to allot $1000 of our funds to the Rotary Water Project in Mexico! Service Above Self!
RYLA -- It is time to distribute applications for RYLA. There are only two juniors who routinely attend Interact meetings, so we need to reach out to other juniors who might be good candidates. We brainstormed a sizable list of people to whom Mrs. Shepherd will personally deliver applications.
Speech Contest -- Registrations are due soon!
Very small attendance, so we just focused on finishing up the rocks and getting them sealed.
Our local Rotarians joined us today to share information on a project they're working on. They shared a powerpoint of information on a water project in Mexico. They are asking for our help with this in the form of some of our funds. We will discuss it at the next meeting and determine an amount we'd like to donate to the cause.
They also discussed RYLA and the upcoming Speech Contest.
Meeting Cancelled when schools were closed due to the smoke.
Meeting Cancelled -- Mrs. Shepherd had a family emergency.
Reading Partners Orientation -- Orientation will be held on 11/5 at 3PM in D6.
Blood Drive Debrief 
  * We had lots of people deferred for not eating and drinking enough; we plan to set up a snack and water station inside the Little Theater to help that next time. We also plan to send a reminder the day before that tells donors to eat and drink well for the 24 hours before they donate.
  * We had a lot of new donors, but still very few adults. We need to find a way to get teachers to take the time to donate.
Trunk or Treat Clean Up -- We spent the rest of the meeting cleaning up trash in the parking lot that was left behind from last night's Halloween festivities.
Parent Meeting required our meeting to be postponed. 
Met just briefly to inform members that the Reading Partners Orientation has been moved from 10/29 to 11/5
Blood Drive -- Created schedules for ELA class visits and volunteer slots. Finalized volunteer needs and decided to reach out to seniors who need hours for government and to members of Interact who can't always attend meetings but still want to stay connected.
Wedding Service Project -- The wedding is on 10/20. Finalized the list of volunteers and distributed reminders and directions to the venue.
Reading Partners -- Orientation is scheduled for 10/29 at 3PM in D6
Kindness Rocks -- Spent the remainder of the meeting painting rocks.
Blood Drive -- Fall Blood Drive is 10/28.  Began planning for volunteers and brainstorming ways to increase the number of donors. We will do classroom visits on 10/23 and 10/25.
Wedding Service Project -- Sign ups for this event today. Details are included on the original email with the request for volunteers.
United Way Voter Turn Out Project -- Received an email asking us to help canvas the neighborhood and increase voter turn out. We feel like we need more info. Mrs. Shepherd email back asking for details.
Kindness Rocks -- Continued painting. Still need to purchase sealant.
Reading Partners -- presentation from Brian from Reading Partners. Some members signed up to volunteer one hour per week. More info on orientation to come.
Blood Drive -- discussed the need to hang posters, get an announcement to Akbar, and plan classroom visits. We decided against a table for sign ups in the cafeteria. We discussed that we still don't really know how to get staff to donate, and we discussed using Halloween as a theme to get others excited about donating. That seems a little dark to some, but it might work. We will come back to it at the next meeting.
New Members Meeting -- Introduced new members to the goals of Interact.
Rock Painting Ideas -- Who should we gift them to? New Hires? Bus Drivers? Teachers we love? Hide them around campus for people to find? Create a rock garden by the peace pole.
Club Faire -- We need two posters; we will make them at lunch and after school on Monday and Tuesday. We will wear blood drive t-shirts that day to promote our most important projects each year as we recruit new members. Cynthia will make little fliers to hand out to prospective members.
Upcoming Events
  Club Faire 9/12
  Blood Drive 10/29
  Pennies for Patients 3/4-3/22
  Reading Partners Meeting 10/4
  Wedding Service Project 10/20


Girls at a booth in a pop up tent.