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From March1st through the 11th, the Registrar's Office will be open from 9AM to 3PM daily, and from 3PM to 5:30PM BY APPOINTMENT. Contact Sarah Overstreet for after school appointments.

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REgistration Office -- 8am to 3PM daily

Sarah Overstreet -- Enrollment

916-566-3450 Ext. 21476

Lilian DeAnda -- Transcripts, Education Verification, Records Requests

Se Habla Espanol

916-566-3450 Ext. 21475

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Oficina de Registro

Horas de Oficina de Registro: 8:00am to 3:00pm
Muchos de los requisitos para inscribirse pueden hacerse de forma electrónica para limitar ser expuestos.
Visite el sitio web del distrito y complete una solicitud de inscripción en línea.
Por favor incluya también su documentación de respaldo:
Certificado de nacimiento
Cartilla de vacunación
Record de calificaciones
Prueba de residencia
Plan IEP / 504, si corresponde
Si necesita ayuda, llame a la oficina de registro: 916-566-3450
Sarah Overstreet – Registradora
Lilian De Anda –  Secretaria administrativa
¡Se Habla Español!
Envíe todas las solicitudes de record de calificaciones  y registro a

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Enrolling a new student?

Twin Rivers Unified School District uses an online enrollment platform. Visit the TRUSD Enrollment page by clicking HERE.
Many of the requirements to enroll may be done electronically, to limit exposure.
Please visit the district website and fill out an online enrollment application.
Please also include your supporting documentation:
Birth Certificate
Immunization Record
Proof of Residency
IEP/504 Plan, if applicable
If you need assistance, please call the registration office at

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Withdrawing a student?

In order for a student to be dropped from Grant Union High School, all student debts must be cleared. All Library books  must be returned to the Library , and textbooks, and chromebooks must be returned to room S2 before visiting the Registrar for disenrollment.