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Audio Books

Audio books are a fantastic way to enjoy a great "read." Many audio recordings of books are artistically recorded with theatrical flair. Others are straight-forward readings of well-loved books.

Here are several free ways to download and listen to great audio books!


Destiny_Discover Card IconDestiny Discover

Search our online Destiny Catalog for a wide variety of Audio Books and eBooks. Type your search into the box above to get started. 

Note: Logging into your Apps Portal first will give you immediate check outs.


Lit2Go Card Icon

lit2go logo

Lit2Go is a free library of online books with recorded audio. Browse the wide array of texts and collections. Choose a book and then click through the chapter headings to listen.


LibriVox Card Icon

librivox logo

LibriVox is an online storehouse of audiobooks recorded by volunteers. All of the audiobooks are free and public domain and can either be downloaded in whole or listened to in part.


Bluford_High_Audio_Books Card Icon
Bluford High Audio Books

bluford high adThe publishers of the Bluford High series or urban young adult novels has made the entire series of ebooks free for online listening. These books are edgy with realistic urban youth as main characters.


Loyal_Books Card Icon
Loyal Books

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Loyal Books is an online collection of free audio and ebooks, similar to LibriVox, and in some cases includes recordings by LibriVox.


teachingbooks Card Icon

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TeachingBooks is one of the free databases provided by the California K12 Online Content project. The database includes a wide array of learning materials for books and stories, including complete readings of many books for all ages. This online content is free for all students in the state of California.