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Mission & Vision


Grant Union High School is home to a phenomenal institutional legacy.  For more than 80 years, Grant Union High School has provided a quality education to the families of Del Paso Heights and the surrounding North Sacramento neighborhoods. The truest testimony of the lasting legacy of a Pacer Education is in the fact that our administrative, teaching andsupport staff include an incredible number of Grant Alumni.

Our Student Body is comprised of approximately 1900 students from a vast array of cultural and linguistic backgrounds.  Grant Pacers speak more than 10 home languages and mark outstanding academic achievements including participation in Advanced Placement courses in English, World Languages, Visual Arts, Social Sciences, Mathematics, and Science. 

A staff of more than 100 teachers and an additional 100 supportive instructional, clerical, custodial, and volunteer staff work daily to spur Grant Pacers on to Excellence.

Vision_Statement Card IconVision Statement

All PACERS will graduate with a High School Diploma.

Mission_Statement Card IconMission Statement

We exist to INSPIRE all students to become AGGRESSIVE and UNRELENTING in their pursuit of academic, social, artistic, athletic and career EXCELLENCE.


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Schoolwide Learner outcome

To provide a safe learning environment that prepares students for college and career pathways by developing their critical thinking and problem solving skills, interpersonal and social skills, and their 
perseverance to attain their post-secondary goals.